The Zack & Elle Family

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Meet the Family

Zack & Elle Jewelers is a family of designers, hand-craftsmen and jewelry connoisseurs working together to provide you with an incredible fine jewelry buying experience.

Both Zack and Elle come from families of diamond dealers and jewelry manufactures.

Now Zack and Elle, together with their daughters Sarah and Milhal build on that experience to offer the best fine jewelry shopping experience around. 

Our Mission

To create the most beautiful enchanting jewelry pieces that are perfectly tailored to each couples story.

We are here to be your private jeweler and to guide you during every step of the process. From education to the design and selection process, we will work together with you to perfectly match your criteria. 

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As a concierge jeweler, we work directly with you to find the perfect stone and build a piece exactly to your taste, style, and budget requirements.

We do this by taking your design ideas and building them in a digital 3D CAD (computer assisted design) app, which allows you to see exactly what the ring will look like when it’s completed. This design will also guide us as we take the raw materials (your gems and metals) and fashion your very special, one-of-a-kind ring.

The biggest advantages of working with a concierge jeweler include better pricing, a more personalized approach to doing business, and of course – the ability to have someone on call. 

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Attention to Detail

Years of experience has given us an remarkable eye for detail. Whether it is the fine polish of the ring or the delicate setting of the stones, we painstakingly mull over every aspect of each piece of jewelry we create.

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Attention to Price

A personalized luxury buying experience does not have to come at a luxury price. We believe in fair and transparent pricing and because of our large inventory and manufacturing ability you can be confident you're getting more than what you paid for.

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Attention to Customer

The customer is always right. But how can the customer be right if they don't know. That's why we believe the education process is the most important part of the jewelry shopping experience. We will make sure you're properly informed so you can make the right decision.

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