Design Process

The Custom Design Process

The best part of our day is sitting with our customers and collaborating to make something old new again or creating from scratch. Bring us a picture, an idea or just a thought and we'll create something beautiful, meaningful and unique. Our years of experience enable us to bring a vast array of techniques and processes to the forefront, but it is our communication skills that are the most important. We listen, and we guide with sensitivity to each person's style, budget and aspirations.

Custom Design Meeting

The process begins with a meeting in person or virtually in which we establish our goals, including the budget. Customizing jewelry requires a creative vision, an understanding of how to construct a structurally sound piece, and extreme attention to detail. Our creative staff will take notes and make rough pencil sketches to start. Whether you are looking to re-create something you have seen on the internet or you desire a matching wedding band to complement your unique engagement ring, we will work closely with you to make it perfect.


Next, we will make CAD drawings and illustrations for review and approval.  Through CAD/CAM technology we can create any jewelry design. These illustrations allow us to show you a remarkably lifelike rendering of what the piece will ultimately look like. We can view the design at many different angles and make changes accordingly. The beauty of this communication tool is that what you see is exactly what you get.

Approval & Final Product

Once the images have been approved we will make a wax model for you to see the design in 3D. Once your approval is received our production team will create your piece in the precious metal of your choice. It will be finished by our expert craftsmen and become the perfect piece you have always imagined.

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