Our Services

Try On Service
Zack & Elle continuously adds to our growing sample engagement ring collection.  All our sample in-house designs are available for Try-On Service at your home or by appointment in our NYC boutique.  Sample rings are not for sale and are used to assist in designing your custom diamond ring.  Once you get the sample ring, you may just LOVE IT or you may want to customize it in some way.
By this point, we have selected a diamond together and/or you love one of our existing designs!  The diamond and/or sample ring can be shipped to you in the comfort of your home for inspection should you be unable to visit our NYC boutique.  We will call you to discuss the package, updating the design notes accordingly. 
Zack & Elle provides free return shipping for the package back to our NYC boutique.  We will stay connected throughout the whole process via phone, text, or email.  All money paid is held in our Escrow Account until your release approval. 
Replica Ring Service

Worried about traveling with your actual diamond engagement ring for security purposes?  Have us make you a replica ring and worry-no-more! Here at Zack & Elle, we pay close attention to your needs and concerns. Over the years, some of our clients requested copies of their rings just in case they travel or for any other personal reasons.

When we build you a magnificent diamond engagement ring, we have the ability to make you an exact replica for an added price.  The replica will be made in your choice of metal.  We will set the highest quality cubic zirconia center stone, matching your actual diamond engagement ring in sparkle as much as possible (we get pretty close)!  The side-stones can be either cubic zirconia or actual diamonds if you choose so. Prices are quoted on an individual case-by-case basis due to design variations.  During our phone or in-person consultations, we can discuss this service for your ring. 

Please note, some diamond rings cannot be replicated.  For example, a three stone diamond engagement ring with trapezoid side diamonds will be hard to replicate because trapezoid cubic zirconia do not have the sparkle we strive for.  

Ring Documentation

You will receive the following documents with your ring:

  • Official Zack & Elle® invoice
  • Original GIA grading report for center diamonds, or Warranty card for moissanites
  • Signed appraisal
  • Zack & Elle® Limited Lifetime manufacturing warranty card
  • Ring Care Guide
  • Jeweler’s Mutual Insurance information pamphlet
  • Velvet Zack & Elle® ring box

Ring Insurance

Zack & Elle® highly recommends working with Jeweler’s Mutual to have your piece insured. For most pieces, they can provide same day insurance after the quote is prepared based on the appraisal given to you. Contact Jeweler’s Mutual directly for additional insurance related questions.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. Zack & Elle® offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on all Zack & Elle® fine jewelry. If you experience damage to your purchase due to manufacturing, we recommend you Contact Us so we may evaluate your piece. A $50 deposit will be taken before the shipment of your item to Zack & Elle® for evaluation, which covers the cost of shipping the item and an evaluation by our expert jewelers to determine if the damage is warrantied. This fee is refunded in full for all warrantied repairs. We also offer complimentary shipping back to the customer for all warrantied repairs. Repairs that are not covered under the lifetime warranty will have a price quoted to the customer for approval before work is performed. If approved, the deposit will be applied to this repair. If the customer chooses not to perform the repair, the deposit will be applied to cover the shipping charge back to the customer after evaluation.

If a warranty issue is found, Zack & Elle® will repair the warrantied damage or replace the item without charge.

Repair or service performed by a jeweler other than Zack & Elle® will void the warranty. All fine jewelry can be affected by normal wear, activities, or trauma. This is especially true for rings, since hands are actively used and subject to daily pressure. Our manufacturing warranty excludes coverage for wear and tear, loss of gemstones, product loss, or theft. Coverage also excludes damage or loss caused by a failure to obtain the repairs required to preserve the integrity of the jewelry.

Some examples of common jewelry issues that would not be considered manufacturing defects include:

  • The discoloration of precious metals caused by chemicals, make-up, immersion in pools and hot tubs, or bathing.
  • Precious metals, and especially prongs, wear down over time and may require restoration work as part of normal wear.
  • Prongs catching, wearing out, or bending over time due to everyday wear or normal damage, allowing a gemstone to fall out.
  • The loss of a gemstone caused by damage from everyday wear or from other damage.

 International Orders

Zack & Elle® works frequently with clients located across the world. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making your purchase:


    is done through registered and insured FedEX mail for all international orders. After your ring is complete and balance paid we will create your shipment. Once it has been sent we will provide you with the tracking information. A package usually takes between 3 to 5 business days to clear customs and arrive at its destination. Pricing varies based on the value of the item being shipped and can range anywhere from $75 to $175. We will notify you of the exact amount prior to processing your order.

    vary based on each individual country’s guidelines and laws. In most instances it will range anywhere from 10 to 20% of the declared value so please keep this in mind when placing your order. This amount will not be included in your invoice from Zack & Elle® and must be paid directly to your country upon receiving the parcel. For our Australian clients (and some other nations) there is a US free trade agreement which will offer you preferential duty treatment- please ask for this document

    We accept credit card and PayPal however the preferred method is bank wire transfer for all international orders. We will provide you with our banking details and you can set up the transfer directly from your bank.

We also strongly recommend using OzForex to transfer the funds at the best possible currency exchange rate. The OzForex Group is a global provider of online international payment services. Since its launch in 1998, the Group has grown to be one of the world’s largest foreign exchange providers with over 702,800 fund transfers just last year. OzForex can assist you to organize your money transfer at much better exchange rates than the banks, saving you up to 90% in hidden exchange rate fees. We have also secured a special deal for Zack & Elle® clients that waives their normal transfer fee, so it is a completely free service that saves you on your international transfers. Follow the steps below to set up your account:

  1. 1. Register https://www.ozforex.com.au and OzForex will call you to set you up with dealing access.
  2. 2. Lock-in the exchange rate Once your account has been activated, you simply log in to get your quote, set up the beneficiary details (Bank Details as per below) and lock-in the rate.
  3. 3. Send OzForex your funds Once OzForex have confirmed the deal, you will need to transfer the funds to them via BPAY or to their bank account directly.
  4. 4. OzForex pay Zack & Elle® Jewelry the funds you purchased Once OzForex has received your cleared funds, they will deposit the currency you have purchased in to the beneficiary account and notify you both.