Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds-The 4 C's

Everything You Need to Know About Diamonds-The 4 C's

What makes a diamond beautiful?

Learning about diamonds and what makes them beautiful begins with understanding the 4C’s – the characteristics of a diamond. The 4C’s are cut, carat weight, color and clarity. Taking a few minutes to learn about them now will make your purchasing experience easier, more enjoyable, and far more rewarding. Not only will you know the exact quality of the diamond you’re considering, you’ll also be confident you’re paying a fair market price for it. The 4Cs give you the information you need to compare the characteristics of a diamond and make the best choice and wisest investment.

Many diamonds sold by reputable jewelers have been graded according to the 4C’s and come with written Diamond Certification. The grading gives you an objective way to compare the quality and price of one diamond with another. A larger diamond – one with greater carat weight – may actually be lower in price than a smaller one because its cut, color and clarity are not as special. Each of the 4C’s must be taken into account to determine the value.

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Of all the 4Cs, cut has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty. In determining the quality of the cut, the grader evaluates the cutter’s skill in the fashioning of the diamond; technology. The more precise the cut, the more captivating the diamond is to the eye.


Gem-quality diamonds occur in many hues. In the range from colorless to light yellow or light brown. Colorless diamonds are the rarest. Other natural colors (Blue, Red, Pink for example) are known as fancy – their color grading is different than from white diamonds.


Diamonds can have internal characteristics known as inclusions or external characteristics known as blemishes. Diamonds without inclusions or blemishes are rare; however, most characteristics can only be seen with magnification.


The carat is the diamond’s physical weight measured in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points. Carat weight is the most objective of the 4Cs. It involves no estimates, comparisons or judgments.


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