Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry Repair Services

Zack & Elle® offers an extensive range of jewelry repair services. Our talented jewelry repair experts and designers combine their decades of experience with their mastery of modern technology to restore security and beauty to almost any beloved piece placed in their hands. Basic repairs such as ring sizing, tightening of loose stones and chain length alterations have a modest timeline. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will provide a date and an estimate for most repairs along with a detailed receipt when your items are left with us. Zack & Elle® also happily offers complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspection. A regular visit to us will help maintain your jewelry’s beauty and safety.

Stone Replacement

A possible result of wear and tear on your jewelry can be the cracking, fraying or loss of diamonds and gemstones. Our extensive resources make gemstone replacement, and assembly simple. Our unlimited access to diamonds and gemstones means an excellent match will be found to help you forget the stone was ever missing. Our expert jewelers will not only reset your new stone, but also meticulously look over your jewelry as a whole in order to prevent any future loss or damage. Since our beginnings of the seventies, the Zack & Elle® family business understands the value of trust. Leave your treasured piece with us to be repaired with the confidence that it will be protected and secured as one of our own.  


The sentiment and personalization that results from engraving is incomparable.  The gently worn date and/or message that marks a milestone is a timeless gift.  Zack & Elle® offers engraving services for most jewelry and giftware. We recommend the artistry of our hand engraver whether a regal classic monogram is called for on a first signet ring, or a loving note and date on a wedding band.

Remount & Redesign

Zack & Elle® is at the forefront with the onset of current trends in remounting and redesigning of engagement rings or jewelry. Our team of designers, knowledgeable staff, and use of state of the art technology work together to create or recreate your vision. When looking to update an engagement ring or family heirloom, the only limitation is your imagination. We are happy to lend our wealth of experience and ideas in custom design for you whether you have a vision or are in need of one. Inherited pieces that are treasured but dated can also be converted to current and wearable jewelry in a few short steps.

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