Signature Collection

Engagement Rings

It's an eternal symbol of your everlasting love. Explore timeless and beautiful diamond engagement rings in a variety of unique designs and styles, from stunning rose gold to cushion cut diamond rings. Inspire your search for the perfect ring with the Zack & Elle® diamond engagement Ring Guide, providing expert help on choosing the right diamond cut, shape, size, ring setting and style.

A promise of Forever

Your engagement marks an unforgettable event in your relationship, so the ring chosen should be as special as your love for one another. An engagement ring represents the moments and experiences you have shared together, and the milestones that lay ahead. Beautiful, Rare and Responsible Sourced. each and every Zack & Elle® diamond is completely natural and hand selected. Going beyond the standard 4 C's through our rigorous selection process, less than 1% of the world’s diamonds qualify to become Zack & Elle®.

Only when a diamond meets these exacting standards will it be eligible to be inscribed with the Zack & Elle® – our promise to you that the diamond is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Timeless and everlasting, the individual inscription number at the heart of the diamond identifies it as exclusively yours, ensuring you a truly unique engagement ring.